Seniors Choose to Create Art for a Living

See the Emory Wheel article (01.23.12) on Emory College seniors who are planning to work in art after graduation. The article profiles Gillian Kramer (Theater), Kala Seidenberg (Dance), Matt Gaynes (Film), and Charlotte Watts (Visual Arts).

With graduation fast approaching, Emory seniors are faced with a question: What’s next? This question is a particularly difficult one for students whose passions lie in the arts. Artists cannot spring forth into the world expecting to find a desk job awaiting them — they must work hard to get their names out there, network with others in their field and find a niche. So what, exactly, do the graduating artists of Emory have planned?

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Check out Dawoud Bey – Emory Portrait videos

Thanks to a collaboration involving “Creativity: Art and Innovation” and lots of people, especially jazz director Gary Motley, who composed a new song (“Dawoud”) for the soundtrack, a few YouTube videos showcasing the Dawoud Bey Emory Project have just gone live.

The Emory Project exhibit opens on February 1, 2011, at Emory’s Visual Arts Gallery and continues through March 5th. At 6pm on Feb. 1st, Dawoud Bey will talk about the project at the opening reception (5-8pm).

Check out the online exhibit that accompanies the permanent exhibit of 20 selected photographs.

Dawoud Bey and Emory portraits

Participating in the Bey Portrait Series at Emory

Meaning and Legacy of the Bey Portrait Series at Emory

If images could talk…

Dr. Ann Weiss discusses Holocaust photos brought to Auschwitz and now on display at Emory’s Visual Arts Gallery (“Last Album: Eyes from the Ashes of Auschwitz-Birkenau”) in the videos below. She is director of the educational non-profit foundation Eyes from the Ashes, as well as an author, filmmaker and curator.

Ann Weiss Creativity Conversation with Prof. Jason Francisco (Visual Arts)

Ann Weiss Gallery Walking Tour (September 27, 2010)