Classroom Snapshots


A couple of new YouTube videos offer a look at several undergraduate classes and programs.

“The Art of Eating” is about a freshman seminar course designed to allow students to explore how food and eating bring us together as families, communities and cultures, and how they also separate and define us and can make others “different.” Anna Leo, associate professor of dance, and Leslie Taylor, professor of theater, bring together their two disciplines as well as link up with the Emory Center for Community Partnerships so that students collaborate with high school dance students from Maynard Jackson High School in Atlanta. Students and faculty also have the opportunity to eat something tasty during each class.

In “Students Taking the Lead in the Classroom,” Brooke Healey 15C (Journalism and Human Health) talks about her experience teaching first-year students in a Health 100 class as a Peer Health Partner (PHP). The PHP program allows students to develop health knowledge and leadership skills as they work with first-year students under the direction of faculty in the Center for the Study of Human Health.




Emory Professors on the Good Life


What exactly is the good life?

Emory professors are addressing this issue in the Good Life Speaker Series, which seeks to facilitate a meaningful exchange of ideas on how to lead the “good life,” based on Socrates’ concept of Eudaemonia. The aim of the series is to attract speakers whose experiences and knowledge provide distinctive and challenging understandings on how to lead such a life.

In the first talk, Corey Keyes, Professor of Sociology, addresses “Positive Psychology and Flourishing” (Feb. 25, 2014). Prof. Keyes is a senior fellow at Emory University’s Center for the Study of Law and Religion and its multidisciplinary five-year project—Pursuit of Happiness—funded in part by the Templeton Foundation.

In the second talkShomu Banerjee, senior lecturer and applied microeconomic theorist in the Department of Economics, talks about “Money and Happiness,” and the pursuit of life well lived (April 15, 2014).

 In the third and final talk of “The Good Life” speaker series for spring 2014, Bobbi Patterson, Professor of Pedagogy in the Department of Religion, talks about cultivating compassion in oneself and the community (April 24, 2014).

Changing the Way Science Is Taught


A new YouTube video highlights Emory’s ORDER program (“On Recent Discoveries by Emory Researchers”), which bridges the gap between graduate and undergraduate education by having graduate students and postdoctoral fellows teach about their research to undergraduate freshmen and seniors.

The semester-long ORDER courses are co-taught by teams of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows called teacher-scholars. Each teacher-scholar teaches a course module that focuses on some aspect of his or her research. They explain the origins of their discoveries and the different elements that build the research process within their respective disciplines. The freshman course is taught during the fall semester, and the senior course is taught during the spring semester.

An important objective of ORDER is to change the way science is taught to undergraduates, moving it away from the traditional lecture-based curriculum to a more research-oriented curriculum that actively involves students in posing questions and seeking solutions.


2014 Woodruff Library Undergraduate Research Award Winners Announced


Fiona O’Carroll — “‘The Instinct of Every Real Woman’: The Ideas of the Anti-Suffrage Movement in the U.S., 1868-1920.” Faculty sponsor: Patrick Allitt.

Laurabeth Goldsmith — “Theresienstadt: Concentration Camp Camouflaged as the ‘Model Jewish Settlement’.” Faculty sponsor: Carol Anderson.

Ryan Sutherland — “Exoticism and Musical Appropriation: The Javanese Gamelan in Debussy’s ‘Pagodes’ (1903) and Russian Folk Music in Stravinsky’s ‘Le Sacre du Printemps’ (1913).” Faculty sponsor: Elizabeth Clendinning.

Honorable Mention

Chloe Burrell—”Cruelty: The Shifting Historical Definition of Marriage.” Faculty sponsor: Judith Miller.

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Photo by Brian Methot.