The Drug Discovery Process: Dennis Liotta on Emtriva

In this new Youtube video, Dennis Liotta, Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor, talks to undergraduates about  his discovery (along with Drs. Raymond F. Schinazi and Woo-Baeg Choi, also of Emory) of Emtricitabine, a breakthrough HIV drug that was sold to Royalty Pharma and Gilead Sciences in July 2005 for $525 million and is marketed under the name Emtriva (October 22, 2013). Currently Emtriva is part of drugs used by 94% of HIV-positive patients in the U.S.

Dr. Liotta’s fields of research are organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry. His groundbreaking discovery also highlights how the process of theory, scholarship and practice in Emory College strengthens work in the nearby disciplines of the health sciences.

Emory’s Center for the Study of Human Health brings together the resources of a major research university to advance knowledge and undergraduate education in the area of human health.

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A Once in a Lifetime Experience — Study Abroad at Emory

Emory alumni look back and talk about the importance of their study-abroad experience to their careers and lives. To make sure that more students get the chance to study abroad, CIPA (Emory’s Center for International Programs Abroad) welcomes your support to the Study Abroad Scholarship Fund.  Any amount would be an important contribution and make a difference to Emory students.  By making a donation, you will join a growing community of alumni, parents, students, and other supporters who are committed to enriching and enhancing the education of Emory College students.

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