Will Ransom (Music) and Tim McDonough (Theater) Bring Tennyson Poem to Life

Enoch3In this new YouTube video, see Will Ransom (Mary Emerson Professor of Piano, Director of Emory Chamber Music Society of Atlanta, Director of Piano Studies) and Tim McDonough (Chair & Professor of Theater Studies, Resident Actor/Director of Theater Emory) bring Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s poem Enoch Arden to life in this production at Emory’s Schwartz Center (January 17, 2015).

In the poem, Enoch Arden is a happily married fisherman who suffers financial problems and becomes a merchant seaman. He is shipwrecked, and, after 10 years on a desert island, he returns home to discover that his beloved wife, believing him dead, has remarried and has a new child. Not wishing to spoil his wife’s happiness, he never lets her know that he is alive.

Music by Richard Strauss
Poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Tim McDonough, Narrator
William Ransom, Pianist

Presented by the Emory Chamber Music Society of Atlanta and Theater Emory.



Exploring Paris with the EDUCO Study Abroad Program


In this new EDUCO video, Emory students talk about the great learning/living experience they received in Paris thanks to the EDUCO program. A consortium of Emory, Duke, Cornell, and Tulane Universities, EDUCO offers complete academic and cultural immersion in French.  In addition to courses through EDUCO and direct enrollment in courses at the University of Paris, students  have options (semester or year) for cultural excursions such as French theater outings, art museum visits, and gastronomical tastings. For  more information, see http://french.emory.edu/overseas/educo.html and http://cipa.emory.edu (Emory’s Center for International Programs Abroad).

The Dean’s New Blog

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Check out Dean Forman’s new blog, Thinking Out Loud, which explores his thoughts on Emory College and higher education, along “with ample room to explore other ideas as they pop up in conversations, meetings, readings and elsewhere.”

As he writes on the About page:

When I arrived at Emory College, I promised to speak openly and candidly about my thoughts. The idea was certainly not that I would always be right. In fact, quite the contrary. There is an enormous wealth of collective knowledge, insight and experience in the Emory College community, and there is always more for me to learn. Now that I’m midway into my fourth year here, the time seems right to create another forum for communication that builds on and extends the hundreds of meetings and conversations I have each year with faculty, staff, students, families and alumni. I look forward to receiving your feedback on issues raised here.

The first blog post was about liberal education (with a reminder that it’s not about jobs but about “finding joy in the complexities around us”), and the second post is about discovering interesting “pseudo-anachronisms” in classic works such as War and Peace and The Wealth of Nations.

Stay tuned for more. You’ll also find links to the latest blog posts on the College’s Facebook page.

Thinking Out Loud