Student Tours (in under 2 minutes)


In this new series of videos, Emory students talk about some of their favorite buildings (in under 2 minutes).

Asbury Circle (and Dooley) by Megan Sypher (Psychology) and Gloria Kang (English and Sociology)

Carlos Museum by Caitlin Ryan (Anthropology and Art History)

Chemistry Buildings by Kerry-Ann Pinard (Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology)

Computing Center in Cox Hall by Christopher Rhodes (Theater Studies)

Donna and Marvin Schwartz Center for Performing Arts by Sarah Coleman (Spanish and Music Major)

DUC (Dobbs University Center) by Timothy Harland (Theater Studies & Psychology)

Emory Village by Michael Goldberg (Spanish and Economics)

Lullwater Preserve by Saager Sheth (Chemistry)

Mathematics & Science Center by Matt O’Brien (Business and Political Science) and Lauren Henrickson (Linguistics)

PAIS (Psychology and Interdisciplinary Studies) by Sally Peterson (Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology)

Visual Arts Building, by Megan Sypher 12C (Psychology)

White Hall by Megan Sypher (Psychology)

Woodruff PE Center by Dillon Potish (Economics) and Hannah Hooten (Nursing)