Connecting the environment and martial arts

What do martial arts and the natural environment have in common?

Kyle Albers 11C has combined his passion for both fields to research the connections between the two. On his blog, he offers a comparative analysis to view both the evolution of Martial Arts and natural adaptations of the broader ecosystems that house them.

An Environmental Studies major, Kyle has participated in several on-location environmental research projects including those focused on the weathering and aging of rock monuments in Scotland (for Dr. Stephen Henderson, Emory University) and feral animal tracking (for Dr. Anthony Martin, Emory University) through the Gerace Research Center, San Salvador, Bahamas. He also teaches martial arts, holds a second-degree black belt in Taekwondo, studies To Shin do (Ninjutsu), and is a regular student of Japanese swordsmanship.

See the Correspondences between Martial Arts and the Environment blog

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