Disability Studies Initiative Brings Philosopher Eva KIttay to Campus

Eva_Kittay_Poster_FINALThe Emory Disability Studies Initiative (DSI) is pleased to bring renowned philosopher Eva Kittay, a Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at SUNY Stony Brook, for a residency at Emory.

On Monday, February 23, Eva Kittay will give a talk entitled “Normalcy and A Good Life: Problems, Prospects, and Possibilities in the Life of People with Severe Cognitive Disabilities” in the Center for Ethics Room 102 from 4-6pm. Her talk will engage perceptions of ability and disability in relation to the value of human life with far-ranging implications that have effects from policy in the United States to mandates from the United Nations.

On Tuesday, February 24th (4-6pm in White Hall 207), Dr. Kittay will participate in a discussion on “Disability Rights as Human Rights” with writer and Emory University Distinguished Professor Salman Rushdie as well as Emory English Professors Rosemarie Garland-Thomson and Benjamin Reiss.

To conclude her visit, Kittay will join Martha Fineman, Woodruff Professor of Law, and Mark Risjord, Professor of Philosophy and Nursing, for a “Roundtable on Care Ethics” on Wednesday, February 25th (4-6pm, Center for Ethics, Room 102), which will discuss the future and impact of care ethics in relation to concerns of both global and local justice.

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Now in its second year, the DSI develops scholarly and artistic programming that stimulates and enriches conversations about disability, both within the Emory community and in the broader public. The DSI has helped establish Emory University as a preeminent institution for the study of disability across multiple fields. 

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