publishes issue #2

The second issue of the Emory based journal is now online. is a quarterly journal of art, philosophy and politics affiliated with Emory University. It is edited by Jennifer Ashton, Todd Cronan, Michael Fried, Oren Izenberg, Brian Kane, Ruth Leys, Walter Benn Michaels, Charles Palermo, Robert Pippin, Victoria Scott, and James Welling.

Issue #2, Table of Contents

Richard Neer, “Terrence Malick’s New World”

Dossier on Neuroaesthetics

Whitney Davis, “Neurovisuality”

Charles Palermo, Response to Davis with Reply by Davis

Blakey Vermeule, “Fiction: A Dialogue”

Jennifer Ashton, “Two Problems with the Neuroaesthetic Theory of Interpretation”

Blakey Vermeule, Response to Ashton

Charles W. Haxthausen, “Carl Einstein, Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, Cubism, and the Visual Brain”

Brian Kane, “Music, Image Schemata and ‘‘The Hidden Art’”


Michael Fried, “Three Poems”


Interview with Robert Pippin: “After Hegel”

Interview with Walter Benn Michaels on Photography and Politics


Ruth Leys, On Catherine Malabou’s What Should We Do with Our Brain?

Marnin Young, On Cathy Gere’s Knossos and The Prophets of Modernism

See for more recent additions.

For more information, contact Todd Cronan, Assistant Professor, Department of Art History.



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